Love's Bitter Mystery: The Year that Made James Joyce

Love's Bitter Mystery,  written by Steve Carey and directed by Jennifer Sarah Dean (Moulin Rouge) is brought to you, belatedly in 2021,  by Bloomsday in Melbourne. A biographical play about a critical year in the life of James Joyce, it's a new, immersive theatrical experience, set in Paris and Dublin in 1903-4.  It addresses this question: how does a young nobody become the most lionized author of the twentieth century? 

Let us take you through the stately rooms of the spookily atmospheric Victorian mansion Villa Alba, a spectacular set for this play, to witness love, death, sex and violence… and the two powerful women who made James Joyce.

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Event details

Venue: Villa Alba, 44 Walmer St., Kew, Victoria
Bookings: Frances 0419004762; Steve 0423 793 887

This show is Covid-safe with audiences limited to 16. Please avoid high heels (to protect 140 year old wooden floors).