Be Like Body–Obsolete

a poetic meditation on age, obsolescence and technology

‘BE LIKE BODY’ is a live performance about how we, humans, relate to technology. Suzon Fuks collaborated with six award-winning writers from around the world. It will premiere in the international Magdalena Online Festival, streamed from Brisbane, Australia, on Sunday 27 June 2021.

In times of the pandemic, we rely increasingly on technology. But are we going to be overthrown by robots and algorithms? Is this a sci-fi fantasy or a reality?

The six writers, Amaranta Osorio (Mexico), Annie Abrahams (France/Netherlands), Nasim Khosravi (Iran), Parvathy Baul (India), Ya-Ling Peng (Taiwan), and Younghee Park (Korea), responded to these ideas from different perspectives.

‘BE LIKE BODY’ incorporates dance, video art, and multilingual poetry. Suzon will invite online audience members to interact at times.



Event details

Venue: on Zoom, streamed from Brisbane, Vulcana's
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‘BE LIKE BODY’ is the culmination of eighteen years of Suzon creating performances on the Internet. She has become known internationally as a pioneer, and was the founder of Waterwheel, a visionary platform (before Zoom) for creative collaborations and performances. (It ran from 2011–2016).

‘BE LIKE BODY’ will be performed twice to cater for different time zones. An Artists’ Talk will follow the first performance. The six writers will explain their processes, and their cultural points of view on obsolescence, ageing, humanity and the advancement of technology.

More than 56 artists from all continents are participating in this first MAGDALENA:ON:LINE 2021 Festival, affiliated with The Magdalena Project, founded in 1986. It is an international network of women working in contemporary performance and theatre.