Songs for Psychedelics

Until 2016 Tania de Jong AM had never taken any drugs. She didn't drink or smoke! Singing has always been her super wonder drug! Then she had her first guided psilocybin (magic mushroom) ceremony in 2016. That trip took her through a multi-dimensional universe. Everything changed!

Tribes have sung and danced together to ward off enemies and healed their ills through plant medicines since the beginning of human civilisation.


Tania's acclaimed TED Talk 'How singing together changes the brain' explains the incredible neuroscience of singing (and lots more). When we sing with others, we improve the neuroplasticity of our brains making us smarter, healthier, happier and more creative. Our hearts even start to beat together! 


"Tania is the consummate world class performer in every sense." Bob Aitken, Rotary Down Under"

Thank you so much for your exceptional, inspired, inclusive and transcendental performance in London at our concert. Your input, angelic voice and icebreaking audience interaction and inclusion was invaluable and key to the success of the evening. Bravo. Magnifico!" Warren Wills, West End Musical Director

Songs for Psychedelics brings together moving stories, anecdotes, immersive videos and favourite songs and show tunes â€“including original songs written by Tania and composed by up and coming up-and-coming Opera Australia Musical Director Anthony Barnhill. This performance will appeal to everyone who is interested in music, theatre, powerful storytelling, innovative and effective solutions for our escalating mental health epidemic. The songs and stories in this show explore the mind-altering experiences that plant medicines can bring to the world and the collective and transgenerational trauma we all carry.

Follow Tania and her brilliant pianist, Anthony Barnhill, as they share stories and songs to entertain, educate and uplift spirits in times of chaos and increasing mental distress, accompanied by specially curated psychedelic videos for an interactive and enchanting trip that will leave you feeling lighter and much more connected!


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Venue: Chapel off Chapel