RUNT | Return Season

After a completely sold-out premiere season, RUNT returns to fortyfivedownstairs.

One small woman takes on the world.

Following their incredibly successful and multi award-winning collaboration on SHIT, Susie Dee, Patricia Cornelius and Nicci Wilks re-teamed to create RUNT, a play about the runts of the world: the lesser, the unwanted, the weak, those without clout, the insignificant; all the unders. This June, RUNT returns after a critically-acclaimed, sold-out premiere season in February.

Runt, a small undernourished woman has endured enough of the misery of being the runt of the litter. She toughens up and attempts to take power, to lead the oppressed, to rise up and fight, for equality, for decency and what’s right. She liberates sack after sack after sack of miserable runts. And she grows. She feels herself reaching eight foot or more. She gets a taste for what it means to be great. Trouble is, ‘greatness forgets runtness‘.

‘This is a spectacular production which is as striking as it is raw’ Stage Whispers

★★★★ ‘…between Susie Dee’s direction, Cornelius’ writing and Wilks’ uncompromising performance, Runt confronts you with transfixing dramatic art…’ The Age

‘We’ve only just dipped our toe into March, but goodness gracious Runt is far and above the best theatre of the year to date… a stunning piece of theatre that shouldn’t be missed.’ Australian Arts Review


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Venue: 45 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
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