Songs of Don

Katie Noonan, Clare Bowditch, Emma Donovan and Sarah McLeod celebrate the music of Don Walker

Best known as the main songwriter for Cold Chisel, Walker is one of Australia's greatest musical legends. Walker’s work is a poignant soundtrack to 20th century Australian lives, and a timeless cultural touchstone. Katie Noonan joins forces with Clare Bowditch, Emma Donovan and Sarah McLeod to perform some of his most iconic songs in the crowd-pleasing show, Songs of Don.

Premiered with a sold out, outdoor show at this year's Sydney Festival, Songs of Don showcases such memorable classics as 'Khe Sanh', 'Saturday Night', 'Cheap Wine' and 'Standing on the Outside'. Walker, the author of two critically acclaimed books, has spent forty years capturing what it is to be Australian through music, whether with Cold Chisel, Tex, Don and Charlie or in his solo work.  

Spend an evening with some of Australia’s finest vocalists, celebrating the work of an Australian icon.

Musical Director: Katie Noonan
Guitar: Jess Green
Bass: Zoe Hauptmann
Drums: Bree Van Ryke

Presented by Adelaide Festival Centre.


Event details

Venue: Festival Theatre - Adelaide Festival Centre

18 June 2021