All I Ever Am

Imagine if you could capture a snapshot of every bit of data being generated in a single moment in time. Every TikTok video, stock market move, Reddit post, pizza order, Tinder swipe, Covid case. Every bit of information being stored as a 0 and a 1.

kdmindustries return with their latest and greatest sonic and visual deconstruction ‘All I Ever Am’ at The Rechabite, Perth on Thursday May 6 & Friday May 7 at 7pm.

Featuring cutting-edge technology, stunning visuals and an immersive soundtrack – this is electronic visual theatre that rips apart the internet in real time with web scrapes, video and modular sound.

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Venue: The Rechabite, Perth

kdmindustries creates bold and inventive contemporary performance experiences.

Founded in 2009 by director/designer Mark Haslam, the company explores intimate personal stories drawn from the isolation of urban and virtual environments as a way of revealing unexpected connections within the contemporary experience.

To explore these multi-faceted environments the company brings together established and non-traditional theatre artists to create a unique hybrid performance style that mixes text, movement, evocative sound tracks and a heavy use of projected image from a range of technological sources.