Improvilicious: the Improvised Guide to Spooky Stories

Improvilicious is improvised comedy for kids (9 years+) and families, with very show featuring a unique and original story based on audience suggestions.

This year's theme is spooky stories - ghosts, monsters, abandoned houses with too many staircases... out-of-date yoghurt... Da-da-daaaaaaaaa!

Two improvisers play multiple characters in a totally made-up-on-the-spot story of things that go BUMP in the night. Let’s go investigate with just a dodgy torch and an awkward sense of humour. I’m not scared - you’re scared!

You'll see new and classic TheatreSports-style games, a lot scary-but-not-scary references, and even some COVID-safe audience participation!

Starring Louisa "this coffin" Fitzhardinge (Impromptunes), Cassie "I have nightmares" Daly (Shania Choir), Jason "got the vampire-hunting" Geary (Murder Village) and Jimmy "I’m-a-gettin" Eaton (Lego Masters), Improvilicious has been terrifying audiences with their unique impro comedy at every Melbourne Comedy Festival since 2014.

Red balloon floats ominously past…



Event details

Venue: Melbourne Town Hall, 90-130 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000