Annie & Bianka (We Want To Be Better) 'Not Mothers' Daughters'

You know what they say, "Mother Knows Best"... but does she really? In their debut stand-up comedy show, Annie Nolan and Bianka Ismailovski recount all the advice their Mums have given them over the years and look at how it has shaped them as women. As children we take so much of what our mothers say as gospel, but maybe we should actually question their reasoning sometimes. Is Mum really that intuitive? Does Mum really know best or is she faking it like the rest of us? Should you hope to be an apple that falls really far away from the tree? Let Annie and Bianka decide for you.

Known and adored for their up-punching 'We Want To Be Better' podcast, Annie Nolan & Bianka Ismailovski have made it their life mission to joyfully improve and educate themselves and their community of listeners on everything from body-positivity to carbon footprint reduction and keeping cool on a hot day – and they do it all with sometimes uproarious honesty. Their hilarious, well-researched and thoughtfully written conversations have earned them a loyal fanbase who have kept them a mainstay in the iTunes Top 50. The stand-up comedy debut from these engaging and inspirational babes promises to offer all that and more!

With more than 25,000 downloads a month, they’ve hit #1 on the iTunes charts and have more than 120,000 combined followers across social media.

Join Annie, Bianka and their fan-base of people actively pursuing betterment when the 'We Want To Be Better' girls hit the stage in their stand-up comedy debut. Tickets are not expected to last long!

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Event details

Venue: Trades Hall

Thu 25 Mar - Sat 27 Mar: 9.10pm;
Sun 28 Mar: 8.10pm;
Mon 29 Mar & Tue 30 Mar: 9.10pm;
Thu 1 Apr - Sat 3 Apr: 9.10pm;
Sun 4 Apr: 8.10pm
Trades Hall - Common Room, 54 Victoria St, Carlton