The Clubnosis Experience: Mind+Music Immersive Mashup

Truly unique clubbing concept from the alter-ego of DJ turned Intl Hypnotist, Matt Hale.

An immersive dancefloor experience, The Clubnotist takes you on a guided visualisation to house music, blending imagination & bangin' beats. Close your eyes, open your ears & mind on this musical trip to move your feet & feel the beat like never before.

Feels like a whole night of clubbing in 60mins! From behind the decks, and exploiting the trance-inducing qualities of house music, The Clubnotist fuses upfront & classic tunes, whilst guiding your thoughts. This is a club experience - no stage, no props, it's all in your mind!


Event details

Venue: Magic Nation @ Metro City, Northbridge
Bookings: Kathryn Preston