Come Have A Bath With Me?

Run yourself a bath, set up a screen somewhere it can't electrocute you and join Perth cabaret cult icon Tomás Ford for an hour of bathtime fun. Live from a bath of his own, he'll serenade you with a collection of new songs designed for maximum wetness. 

Tomás Ford is best known in Melbourne for his hyperactive comedy nightclub Crap Music Rave Party, his unhinged 2am electroclash shows at Pony (RIP) and his messy stint with the Big Day Out's Lilypad. 

He wrote this new show while cocooned in lockdown, so it features $2 shop drag, cheaply constructed punk songs, hand-drawn animation, and the best original synthy pop tunes this side of the Pet Shop Boys. He'll be broadcasting with a thousand semi-waterproofed webcams, damp cardboard greenscreens and a bag of costumes his Mum made for him. 

Don’t worry, there’s no full frontal nudity. And it’s a broadcast, not a zoom call, so nobody will see you in YOUR bath. It's the fringe's best communal, socially distanced... spa day?

So, get out your best body lotion & bath bombs. Treat yourself. It's bathtime.


Event details

Venue: online show
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