Hotel Bella Luna

Offering the opportunity to ‘escape this year’, and Planet Earth itself,  Hotel Bella Luna is the world premiere of a brand-new theatrical interactive experience, where audience members are invited to join the story.

In a limited residency at Marrickville’s Flight Path Theatre, you are invited into an immersive experience stretched across three rooms, set in an intergalactic hotel on the moon. As esteemed guests of the Hotel Bella Luna, you will arrive to find yourself stranded, as almost all the hotel’s staff and supplies have been mysteriously shoved out of an airlock.

Working together with the remaining ‘hotel staff’, the show is reactive to audience decisions, with no two visits the same. Expect puzzle solving, high-pressure voting on which systems to fix, and plenty of secrets to be discovered. 

Hotel Bella Luna is also introvert-friendly, and hotel guests who wish to simply observe will be given the option to opt-out, with no personal responsibility for saving the Hotel.

 Adhering to strict COVID-safe guidelines, the show has also been designed from the ground up for patrons’ safety, with reduced capacity in order to allow for social distancing. Masks are mandatory in the Hotel, and clear instructions will be given to the audience to follow procedure. A ticket purchase to Hotel Bella Luna will also include a donation, with 5% of total profits directed towards Pay The Rent. 


Event details

Venue: Flight Path Theatre, Addison Road Community Centre, 142 Addison Rd, Marrickville