Barrelhouse Blues: Hokum and Heart Tonics

Join Grammy Award winning pedal steel guitarist Lucky Oceans and his team of vagabonds for an evening of raucous barrelhouse blues. Featuring Spirit of Fringe winner and jazz/blues vocalist Jessie Gordon alongside guitarist Bill Lawrie of Tin Dog fame, Barrelhouse is a band full of energy and spirit(s). There are songs for drinking if you’re inclined to wine or frisky for whisky, songs for dancing if you’re moved to groove, and songs of heartbreak for those who know what it means to lose yourself in the games of life and love. This musical collaboration brings you the best juke joint blues this side of the 129th meridian, a veritable tonic for the soul.

30-31 JAN, 1 FEB @ 6:30PM · 55 MINS
Tickets: $26.00 - $31.00
Age Suitability: PG
Occasional Coarse Language



Event details

Venue: Duke of George, 135 George Street, East Fremantle, WA, 6158