Confession of A Magician

Long have magicians hid their secrets… but now it’s time for this one to confess! 

Get ready to have your mind blown as this award-winning magician shares his deepest and most absurd revelations in an original and modern performance.

Gobsmacking magic, audience participation, psychological ploys, laughter, and amazement are all part of the show. 

Experience some novel and original mysteries never before witnessed live!

Learns more about the wild, weird and at times hilarious world of magic and illusion, if you dare...

3 x WA Magician of the Year (WASM, 2003, 2005, 2018). Winner of Adelaide Fringe 'Best Magic' Weekly Award 2018.

Tickets: $21.00 - $25.00

Lazy Susan's Comedy Den - Lazy Susan's Comedy Den 

29-31 JAN, 2-3 FEB @ 8:30PM · 50 MINs

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Pierre Ulric Perth Magician, Pierre Ulric Australian Magician


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Venue: Lazy Susan's Comedy Den - Lazy Susan's Comedy Den 
Bookings: Pierre Ulric