The Children's Bach | ChamberMade
The Children's Bach
Images from the new Australian opera by ChamberMade
Hamlet | Bell Shakespeare
Images from the Bell Shakespeare production starring Brendan Cowell
Scarlett O'Hara at the Crimson Parrot | MTC
Scarlett O'Hara at the Crimson Parrot
Images from the MTC production starring Caroline O'Connor
The Great | Sydney Theatre Company
The Great
Images from the Sydney Theatre Company production
The Pillowman | Company B
The Pillowman
Images from the Company B production
Frost/Nixon | Melbourne Theatre Company
Images from the Melbourne Theatre Company production
The Barber of Seville | Opera Queensland
The Barber of Seville
Images from the Opera Queensland production
My Fair Lady | Opera Australia
My Fair Lady
Images from the Opera Australia production starring Reg Livermore
How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found | Hoy Polloy
How To Disappear Completely And Never Be Found
Images from the Australian Premiere
Jeremy Hopkins Sings John Thorn!
Jeremy Hopkins Sings John Thorn
Images from the Butterfly Club
Photography by Belinda
Seussical The Musical | Whitehorse Musical Theatre
Seussical The Musical
Images from the Whitehorse Musical Theatre production. Photos by Belinda
My Name is Rachel Corrie | Bareboards Productions
My Name is Rachel Corrie
Images from the B Sharp/Bareboards Production
Romeo and Juliet | Sydney Theatre Company
Romeo and Juliet
Images from the Sydney Theatre Company Education production
The Good German | Black Pearl Theatre Company
The Good German
Images from the Black Pearl Theatre Company
Celebrity Theatresports | Impro Melbourne
Celebrity Theatresports
Images from the Impro Melbourne performance
Photography by Belinda
You Talkin' to Me? | Ensemble Theatre
You Talkin' to Me?
Images from the Ensemble Theatre production

Most read reviews

Magic Mike Live

Yes, the bodies you see are perfect specimens of sculptured sixpacks and biceps you could walk over and get at least 2000 steps in. But they are muscles moving bodies in marvellous ways. These boys can dance and every movement is potent.

Skylight | Verendus Theatrical/Red Phoenix Theatre

This is a production of which any director, cast and theatre company should be proud.


Shrek The Musical

With the world struggling to find a new norm in these ever-changing circumstances, never has the phrase “the show must go on” been more apparent. 

Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark | The Listies

To pee or not to pee. It sounds like a lowbrow take on the infamous Hamlet quote. One that a philistine would utter while their cronies scoff and drink mead and the thespians nearby cringe while nibbling on breast of peacock. 

The Shape of Things | Lambert House Enterprises

What becomes of the broken arted? They are cast from paradise according to Neil La Bute’s The Shape of Things.