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Universal Beijing Resort & Universal Studios Japan Global Auditions 2020!

Universal Parks & Resorts Global Auditions! 

Double the roles! 
Double the opportunities!

This year, Universal Beijing Resort (UBR) and Universal Studios Japan (USJ) are combining their auditions to fill roles within both parks. 

2021 is the exciting inaugural year for the brand-new Universal Beijing Resort, while Universal Studios Japan will be celebrating its 20th anniversary! 

Both parks are seeking talented professionals with a vast range of performance skills to fill a variety of international positions including:  

  • Male and Female Actors  
  • Dancers who Sing Well  
  • Singers who Move Well  
  • Female Ballet Dancers  
  • Stunt Performers  

Contracts are up to 13 months in length and begin in 2021. Attractive performance compensation packages are available to performers we hire, as well as other great benefits including:   

  • Quarterly and Completion Bonuses 
  • Paid round trip airfares    
  • Free, single accommodation 
  • A daily per diem (living allowance) 
  • Transport to and from work   
  • Gym access   
  • Medical and/or travel insurance  

Visit www.universalstudiosauditions.com to see all available roles and register for an online audition. 

We look forward to seeing you!  


Event details

Venue: International
Bookings: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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