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You are all invited to the wedding of the season…or at least the potential to be wedding of the season…actually, more like the preparation for the potential wedding of the season.  Embarrassingly – nothing is planned and with the bride scheduled to walk down the aisle in just four hours. It’s not looking good.  Not with a missing dress, a drunk maid of honor, a bridesmaid set to sabotage and a male of honor more interested in the bartender than the bride.  And that’s just to start the day.

But never say never – one’s wedding day is, after all, the happiest day of one’s life.  So, just in case this wedding does happen to go off without a ‘hitch’ dust of your tuxedos, pack your clutch and get out those blue suede shoes.  We vow that it will be well worth it! 


Venue: The Butterfly Club
Dates: Monday 19 August 2019 – Saturday 24 August 2019
Bookings: 03 9663 8107



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