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Parmapara - The Making of Dance

Paramparā: The Making of Dance is an in-depth exploration of the process of creativity itself and a must-see contemporary Indian dance experience. Through the medium of Odissi dance, originating from the eastern Indian state of Odisha, renowned choreographer, dancer and creative director Chandrabhanu presents a performance bridging classical and newly-developed contemporary works.

The environment of Melbourne has been central to Chandrabhanu’s creative experience since 1978. Chandrabhanu founded the Bharatam Dance Company, for which he created over 40 full length works in the Bharatnatyam, Odissi and contemporary dance genres. His ability lies in very conscious awareness of the development of Bharatnatyam and Odissi within the Australian context, but drawing from the traditions that were transplanted from India to Australia.

“Paramparā” is a Sanskrit word meaning a continuous lineage or succession of knowledge from guru to disciple. Traditionally the means through which spiritual or artistic knowledge was transmitted and maintained from generation to generation, Paramparā the show subverts expectations by pushing the boundaries of classical Odissi dance to embrace the Australian landscape in which this production is created.

Odissi is perhaps India’s oldest classical dance form, but like many of India’s temple dances, was lost during the colonial era. Odissi was revived in the 1950s, and the work of recreating and reinventing the dance was undertaken by four different gurus. Each one of these gurus had fresh inspiration based on sculptures, surviving traditions and also the creation of new music. Odissi is really a contemporary dance form based on tradition, and Paramparā works to bring the creative potential of Odissi in Australia’s multiculture to the fore. Featuring Odissi dancers Roshni Vellore and Uthra Ramachandran, Chandrabhanu will also evolve a work with Spanish flamenco dancer Laura Uhe, who is herself an accomplished and experienced performer and teacher. In this processs the audience will be given a chance to see how the evolution of a cross cultural work takes place.

The performers are accompanied by live musicians, including an orchestra of musicians from Odisha under the direction of acclaimed vocalist and composer Krushna Chandra Ray.

For more information: www.mtc.com.au/parampara

26 & 27 July 7.30 pm


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Venue: Melbourne Theatre Company, Southbank
Bookings: www.mtc.com.au/parampara