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Ghost Quartet by Dave Malloy

Drawing inspiration from murder ballads and The Twilight Zone, GHOST QUARTET elegantly blurs the line between a contemporary concept album and traditional musical theatre. Four musicians gather to drink whisky and share centuries-old stories about love, death, and betrayal, exposing mysterious and dangerous details from their own past along the way. Don’t miss this sleek and sinister song cycle where nothing is as it seems.

Performance times: Mon-Thurs 7:30pm, Fri 7:30pm & 10pm, Sat 5pm, 7:30pm & 10pm

"Rapturous…GHOST QUARTET slyly addresses the questions of why we want to believe in ghosts and feel the need to keep talking about them. And I promise you, you will believe by the evening’s end…one of the most ingenious and affecting finales I’ve come across in years."
– The New York Times

"The brilliantly inventive DAVE MALLOY’s theater songs make you blue like the sky: sad but high...a chance to get inside the singer-songwriter’s head and savor the superb musicianship."
– Time Out NY


Venue: Gasworks Arts Park, 21 Graham St, Albert Park VIC 3206
Dates: Wednesday 14 August 2019 – Friday 23 August 2019
Bookings: (03) 8606 4299

Tickets available: https://sa2.seatadvisor.com/sabo/servlets/TicketRequest?eventId=100960498&presenter=AUGAP&venue=&event=c6403t&version=



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