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Waiting On You

Original Stage Play showing at Southbank Theatre : 1st-3rd Nov, 2018. Tickets on Sale Now!

After moving abroad to a fast paced city, Georgi must learn to keep up with the unfamiliar hard and fast lifestyle of the underground hospitality industry. New to the world of waiting tables and warped rules, she quickly falls head over heels for the thrill of the ‘big smoke’ lifestyle… amongst other things. 

Gabrielle Pearson’s original piece shines light on confronting realities in our culture that are current yet still seen as taboo. The piece is unapologetic, raw, witty and written in a contemporary style with an international flavour. It is a story of corruption and destruction but at it’s core, a story of love, friendship and finding strength in letting go.


Venue: Southbank Theatre, Melbourne, VIC
Dates: Thursday 18 April 2019 – Saturday 20 April 2019
Bookings: http://www.mtc.com.au/plays-and-tickets/other-companies/waiting-on-you/



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