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03 - 09 December, 2023

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  • Das Rheingold | Opera Australia
    The beautiful and terrifying images that serve as scenery allow us, the audience, to experience the various often contradictory levels on which the work operates at once, as magic, as myth.
  • Götterdämmerung | Opera Australia
    This operatic cycle calls into question some of our basic assumptions about our world, assumptions which we may retain even when overtly denying them
  • Aida | Opera Queensland
    There were remarkable and yet baffling qualities to this lavish production.
  • Midnight Murder at Hamlington Hall | Ensemble Theatre
    The play within the play cascades into a convulsive and inexhaustible tirade of production catastrophes, miscues, prop malfunctions, wardrobe clangers, and more.
  • The Choir of Man
    This is a really well put together production, a great night out and so incredibly worthy of the success its found in venues around the world.