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The Becoming

Greta Samsa awakes from uneasy dreams to find herself changed. She in turn decides to change the world, starting with her family.

Only trouble is her brother is refusing to emerge from his room and Mum and Dad are too busy to notice. An unexpected visitor arrives and things take a surreal turn.

But when her brother finally decides to show his face, Greta discovers the world has radically transformed around her and she now holds all their futures in her hands.

A surreal black comedy about love and revolution.

Written by Katie Pollock
Directed by Michael Abercromby
With Mark Langham, Lucy Miller, Patricia Pemberton and Adam Sollis

Tickets: https://www.redlineproductions.com.au/the-becoming
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1706055126369009/


Dates: Tuesday 03 October 2017 – Friday 13 October 2017



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