Squizzy: A Bullet Proof Musical Comedy


By Barry Dickins

11 TO 27 NOVEMBER 2010


Squizzy Taylor - a liar, thief, murderer and ghost that still haunts the streets of Melbourne. An Australian icon - the Godfather of 'Underbelly'.

"Spectacular, dramatic moments... The actors excel in their roles... The original music is accomplished period parody... Darkly comic vaudeville rib-ticklers" - The Age full review here


Squizzy Taylor ruled Melbourne with an iron fist. Five foot nothing, but the master of mayhem, menace and fear. SQUIZZY is comical musical theatre wrapped in the vernacular, rhyme, grind and illusions that go with a powerful metropolis built on love, hate, greed, energy and excitement.

A force of crime both in myth and fact, Squizzy's legend has penetrated the very essence of Melbourne more than eighty years after his violent death. He was a ruthless criminal able to win the public over with slick repartee and romantic lawlessness, possessing a cunning ability to manipulate the media and get those in power onto his payroll.

SQUIZZY is muscular theatre with its style firmly set in grotesqueness, lie, false sentiment and hypocrisy. From this momentum oozes the full force of life, humour and the furious fight of the underdog to survive. But if you look a little closer you’ll feel and see fear, loathing, drunkenness and violence, along with Squizzy’s shockingly un-abashed love of death.

Barry Dickins, one of Melbourne’s most beloved and talented eccentrics, has revelled in this icon’s world of tribe and ruthless vendetta, recreating the violent and shadowy streets inhabited by whores, pimps, sharks and slashers. Set to music by Faye Bendrups, with sing-along, bittersweet aria and harmony. A design by Melbourne’s world renowned Peter Corrigan along with adaptation and direction by Greg Carroll. Lighting design by the atmospheric Nick Merrylees. A bedlam of extraordinary performers and musicians including Syd Brisbane, Kevin Hopkins, Kate Hosking, Jacqueline Cook, Gary Samolin, Chloe Connolly and Faye Bendrups.


WHEN: 11 to 27 November 2010
Tuesday to Saturday at 8pm, Saturday matinees 20 and 27 November at 5pm

WHERE: New Ballroom at Trades Hall
Corner Victoria and Lygon Streets, Carlton

PRICES: Adults - $35   Concession - $27   Groups (6+) - $30   Handling fee may apply

HOW TO BOOK: online from the venue

PLEASE NOTE: contains extreme language


Absurd Sketches by BARRY DICKINS
Script Adaptation and Direction by GREG CARROLL
Original Music Score by FAYE BENDRUPS
Lighting Design by NICK MERRYLEES

Syd Brisbane – Squizzy Taylor
Chloe Connolly – Marcie
Jacqueline Cook – Ida
Kevin Hopkins – Syd Squirt, guitar
Kate Hosking – Dolly, bass
Mike Bishop – The Devil, saxophone
TBC – Snowy Cutmore, percussion
Faye Bendrups – piano


Dates: Thursday 11 November 2010 – Thursday 11 November 2010



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