The Piano Men

Where else in town will you hear Mendelssohn, Ben Folds and Julian Lennon on the same programme? Piano woman Emma Knights is just the person to bring "The Piano Men" to life. She'll laugh about dress codes for cruise line cocktail pianists, sling off some Rachmaninoff, sing her song about Pianist Envy and make you wonder why male pianists are always at the forefront when we think of the piano.

Directed by Adrian Barnes, this hour of singing, piano playing and amusing musical yarns is top-class entertainment for anyone who loves a good tune.

"I ended up knowing a good deal more about both male and female pianists" Fringe Review, 2019
"Talent just oozes from her fingers" ★★★★★ Sam About Town, 2019
"A beautifully classy show" ★★★★½ Glam Adelaide, 2019


Event details

Venue: St Marys Church, 9 Ridge Street, South Perth WA, Australia
Bookings: Emma Knights 0402431315