Robert In Crisis

Robert needs a bloody drink. His life was on the right track: career, wife, house, kids, the full shebang. But now the missus has dropped a bombshell and a wild night with his mate has turned everything upside down.

Set to a soundtrack of 90’s alt rock favourites from his youth, Robert spins his tale of woe journeying to the dark side. For the first time in his life he is an outsider looking in, with no responsibilities and nothing left to lose.

Will he take it like a man? Or become a monster?

A one man study in depression and masculine pride, shot through with a dark sense of humour, Robert In Crisis bravely explores male depression, family violence, custody battles, and toxic masculinity.

“Robert isn’t his real name. None of these are the real names though: no names have been changed to protect the innocent, because there are no innocents in Robert’s world. Except, perhaps, some of the children.” Robert Reid – Witness Performance, 2018

"my mind is blown. Brilliant set/lx design, fabulous performance, and that script is just... look, no, spoilers but get on this” Petra Elliott 2018

"Genre Writing at its best" Anne Marie Peard - Sometimes Melbourne, 2018

“The metaphor of the monstrous and the undead is playful and comic. It is not hard to sit and listen to his story but this story is actually a very brave foray into the world of male depression. It is suddenly very easy to see how violence becomes an answer and almost inevitable. ★★★★” Nicola Fearn – ArtsHub, 2019 

Winner - Darwin Fringe Best Performance Award 2019 


Event details

Venue: Girls School, 2 Wellington Street Perth WA 6004