Consensual Connie's Karaoke Rodeoke


Consensual Connie's Karaoke Rodeoke chaos comes to
FRINGE WORLD for the first time EVER!

The Gold Digger becomes the Naughty Bridge Hotel for TWO NIGHTS ONLY over opening weekend.

Featuring H-O-T acts from all around the fest and YOU!

Join Connie in putting the CARE in care-oke, the SENSUAL in consensual, the PARTY in participation and the FUN in functional communication - you get the picture!

From karaoke die-hards milking the stage like an udder, to the non-beliebers, no one gets left behind...

In the name of the mother, son, and the holy yeezus - can I get an it's raining a-men?


Event details

Venue: Fringe Central
Bookings: Rose - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.