Best Friends Again

Accomplished guitarist and vocalist Mark Turner and jazz/blues singer Jessie Gordon have known each other for many years, since he was a mere slip of a 13 year old and she was a willowy red head avoiding the sun at all opportunities. 19 years of friendship have ensued, with music as the cornerstone of their lives. This show is new and improvised each night, with songs chosen by the audience, some old favourites and some created on the spot. After winning a 2019 FRINGE WORLD Weekly Music Award, Jessie and Mark also toured the show through Germany and Spain and are bringing back a new and improved version for 2020!

On 2019's Best Friends:

“There’s something about this relationship that is magnetic to behold” ****½ Fringefeed 2019
“Best Friends is the most fun you’ll have this Fringe World” **** Fourth Wall 2019

20-25 JAN @ 8:30PM · 55 MINS      AND     24-25 JAN @ 10:00PM · 55 MINS
Tickets: $31.00 - $36.00

Content Triggers and Warnings:
Age Suitability: PG
Occasional Coarse Language

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Jessie Gordon Suit & Tie (Justin Timberlake cover)



Event details

Venue: The Ellington Jazz Club

There are differing times for this show across the dates from the 20th-25th. The 24th of January features two shows, one at 8:30pm and another at 10:00pm