Amore e Morte

Blood. Tears. Wine. Discovery. Shock. Escape. Terror. New horizons. Hope. Loss.
This is the story of Amore e Morte, a tale told in song originally composed and performed by instrumentalist Riccardo Barone (ITALY).

Performed by South Australian vocalist and actor, Nikki Elli Souvertjis.

A tale of love and hardship, a deep bond broken by unperceived circumstance.
He is witness to an unfortunate crime, a brutal murder. Both flee their home land to seek refuge in a foreign place. They find peace for a time.
But the haunting ghost of witness is still upon them.
He is called back to his country and demanded to give trial, he fears the consequences of his testimony.
A writer and an editor, she records his tale in pursuit of writing a prolific expose..
A migrant of love and loss.


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Venue: The Butterfly Club