Lucid Dreams

Fight Club: Dalí versus Kafka. A wild 25-minute ride.

A modern human confronts the humdrum of his mundane office life. Will imagination alone set him free? 

Using bleeding-edge magic and illusion, you are taken through an amazing surrealistic journey. Immerse yourself in a performance that is highly visual, physical, experimental and thought-provoking.

Several years in the making, Pierre Ulric is delighted to premiere this brand new production for the first time at FRINGE WORLD 2020. 

Three times WA Magician of the Year (WASM, 2003, 2005, 2018). Previous show winner of the Adelaide Fringe 'Best Magic Weekly Award', 201

17-24 JAN @ 7:10PM · 25 MINS

Tickets: $19.00 - $23.00

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Pierre Ulric Perth Magician, Pierre Ulric Australian Magician


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Venue: The Shambles - The Woodside Pleasure Garden
Bookings: Pierre Ulric