To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of HAIR at The Metre Theatre in Kings Cross in 1969, Hair returns to Australia. The 60s were divisive, with young people passionate about issues like the environment, free-love and peace, and rebelling against the conservative mainstream. The arts pushed the boundaries, and HAIR was a revolutionary concept, complete with bell-bottoms, trippy tunes and the infamous nude scene.

The issues of 1969 are still relevant today, and although the perspective is different, passionate young people continue to push for progress against conservative views on gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights and climate change. HAIR is a timeless tale of revolution and radicalism.

WARNING this show contains: Full frontal nudity, sexual references, drug references, racial slurs and strobe lighting effects.


22nd of August 7:30pm 

23rd of August 7:30pm

24th of August 2pm

24th of August 7:30pm

25th of August 5pm

28th of August 6:30pm

29th of August 7:30pm

30th of August 7:30pm

31st of August 2pm

31st of August 7:30pm

1st of September 3pm 


Venue: His Majesty's Theatre Perth
Dates: Thursday 22 August 2019 – Sunday 01 September 2019
Bookings: (08) 6212 9292



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