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The play follows Roland, a beekeeper, and Marianne, a physicist, through their romantic relationship as they navigate the very human challenges that face us all, not least of which include the nature of time and ultimately, our mortality. In this spellbinding piece where life, love and science collide, the significant moments of a couple's life together are played out in different directions across infinite parallel paths, making us reflect on the precious moments we live and the life altering choices we make.  Nick Payne’s script presents a series of vignettes centering on the two characters across various parallel universes - the same setting and conversation, but different outcomes each time. Every choice, sways a path. Every mood, influences a response. Every action either brings the protagonists together or rips them apart. With impressive ingenuity, Payne has us seesawing between sweet and sour, comic and tragic as he guides us through this unconventional presentation of a love story set in 'the quantum multiverse' and has us asking ourselves the question, what if there are infinite versions of you and I? And what if there are multiple universes that pull our lives in a myriad of different directions? 


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Venue: The Bakehouse Theatre
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Payne throws the boy-meets-girl story in the air and makes us look at it afresh. Love may be a happy accident, but it is a deeply felt one – as is this play."


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