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Somewhere, Everywhere, Nowhere

Humans (for now) live on one planet; a globalised world where the digital is used to link us with more opinions and information than ever before. Yet, simultaneously, that world seems to deepen the separation between people by location, proximity, political inclination, cultural histories and languages.

Somewhere, Everywhere, Nowhere, points to the similarities and bridges the two makers' stories and experiences. Australian and Japanese co-choreographers and dancers Alison Currie (whose recent work was commissioned by Australian Dance Theatre) and award-winning soloist Yui Kawaguchi join forces to compose a collision between the everyday and imagined possibilities.

Using sound, light and form to accentuate the contrasting techniques of each dancer, Alison and Yui’s intricate choreography drifts in and out of sync to expose the significant, simple and absurd. An ephemeral performance about parallels and connection, Somewhere, Everywhere, Nowhere unveils how humans are defined not by what we know, but rather by what we are yet to discover.


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Venue: Space Theatre
Bookings: Adelaide Festival Centre



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