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Jason Whittaker
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Furious Mattress is a maddeningly uncomfortable experience.

Created: 28 February 2010
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Think Pretty Woman. But even gayer.

Created: 14 February 2010
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I’ll say this about Le Grand Cirque: I’ve never been more afraid in a theatre.

Created: 10 January 2010
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He is a charmingly gregarious host, gracious and grateful of his supporting players and his audience. Alexander knows we came for our little slice of Seinfeld and he’s happy to oblige, revelling even in remembrance of his big TV hit.

Created: 02 December 2009
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Eurobeat is less a piece of musical theatre, more an immersive life experience. Resistance is entirely futile.

Created: 29 November 2009
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The best narratives are like jigsaw puzzles: it won’t all come together at once, you might have to ponder over it for some time, but piece by piece a picture will form.

Created: 26 November 2009
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Still they hunt them down. The pedophiles. The gays. The socialists. Boat people. Religious 'extremists'. New-age witches, sans broomsticks and cauldrons.

Created: 01 November 2009
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More than 150 years after it first debuted (after very nearly being banned) in Venice, Rigoletto is still a surprising work.

Created: 20 October 2009
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Deep Blue dreams of a time when Martin Luther King inspired a nation and David Bowie stood as a cultural icon.

Created: 15 October 2009
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The True Story of Butterfish offers questions of scale. Bigger isn’t always better.

Created: 03 October 2009
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