Ursula Beaumont

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Ursula Beaumont
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Black Grace

The performance by Black Grace, New Zealand’s leading contemporary dance company was a WOMAD exclusive and included a collection of short sections from the company’s repertoire of celebrated works

Created: 12 March 2008
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Moving Target

Moving Target is thought-provoking contemporary theatre, both bold in style and content.

Created: 08 March 2008
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Toddlers agree and squeal in delight from the side lines and young people as well as parents and carers are entranced. What a joyous and playful way to be introduced to art making, theatre and dance.

Created: 07 March 2008
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Controlled Falling Project is a theatrical, acrobatic feast for the senses by the relatively new independent circus company from Melbourne

Created: 06 March 2008
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Discover the planet’s rich sights and sounds at Adelaide’s beautiful Botanic Park during WOMADelaide 2008.

Created: 01 March 2008
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The Ghosts of Ricketts Hill, as the name may suggest, is an adventure ghost story, albeit an unconventional one.

Created: 24 February 2008
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The doors open and the crowd is directed into a dark space towards a tent with a warm glow. On reaching the tent the audience steps into another world.

Created: 29 January 2008
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Andy Packer, artistic director of Slingsby, has dreamt of being in a band – a band of theatre practitioners that is.

Created: 18 January 2008
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Special Delivery tells the story of a delivery man whose everyday world opens up to surprises, games and delight when the warehouse door stays shut.

Created: 11 January 2008
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The story traces a day in the life of Cat in her backyard and shows the trials and excitement living with the other creatures there; the butterflies, a caterpillar, frog, dog, chicken, mouse, birds and fish.

Created: 09 July 2007
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