Lee Bemrose

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Lee Bemrose
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It's difficult to determine who the real star is in this piece; the exquisite writing, or the equally perfect performance. That both are the work of the same person... truly impressive stuff.

Created: 10 May 2018
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The stories he tells us, at their heart, aren't really funny stories. And yet he has us laughing along with him. He tells us of his broken relationships, job loss, the “cancery” death of his mother, his homelessness... the miserable list goes on.

Created: 09 April 2018
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Darcy Kent as Thomas and Tilly Legge as Vanda are excellent. Not only are they comfortable and convincing in their roles, but their skill in switching roles is impeccable.

Created: 16 March 2018
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Tilly Legge

Australian Stage caught up with Tilly Legge as she takes on the commanding and demanding role of Vanda in Lightning Jar's latest production, Venus In Fur.

Created: 15 March 2018
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She is funny and can swear like a frustrated tradie as she tells her stories in spoken word or song

Created: 11 December 2017
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I've used the word hilarious much throughout this review, but Love & Anger isn't merely funny, it really is hilarious. And genius. If you enjoy lewd comedy with a big heart and a big brain, you need some Grumble in your life. If, however, you're a bit of a prude, still go see this show; it might...

Created: 29 November 2017
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Redshift is the 2017 offering from Chunky Move's Next Move program, a program that for 10 years now has been commissioning and producing the work of the next generation of dance makers.

Created: 25 November 2017
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Betty Grumble

If you haven't experienced Betty Grumble, you should. If you think you could come up with a creation like Betty Grumble, you can't, unless you are Emma Maye Gibson, because Betty is the most unique force of Sex Clown you will ever behold. And she is here to delight and entertain you and save the...

Created: 23 November 2017
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Tree of Codes

How this came to be a work of dance performance is one of those rare miracles of creativity that you close your eyes and give thanks to the God you don’t believe in.

Created: 22 October 2017
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In existence since the early 80’s, MWT declares itself proudly unfunded, relying instead on its supporters, with its lack of government funding freeing it up to do their thing.

Created: 20 October 2017
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