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Brenton Amies
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The Book of Kevin pleases on all fronts. Simply in terms of performances, it’s brilliant. The impersonations of Kevin Rudd and Bob Carr are spot-on, with every last little detail observed and preserved in the performance.

Created: 22 July 2015
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Sport for Jove Theatre presents a classic of American contemporary literature, Of Mice and Men, adapted for the stage by John...

Created: 13 July 2015
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Of Mice and Men, the oft-studied, and highly polarizing classic of American literature is taking to the Seymour Centre stage in July. Brenton Amies speaks to director Iain Sinclair about the trials and tribulations of bringing a classic to the stage.

Created: 05 July 2015
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Greg Proops is a comedian and actor known best to Australian audiences as a regular on the long running Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Created: 19 April 2011
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From Chekhov with Love is a triptych of short plays by Russian writer, Anton Chekhov comprising of The Jubilee, The Bear and The Proposal.

Created: 16 August 2010
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The play deals with the sliding doors or the 'what ifs' of the central character (Hannah) as she wends her merry way from adolescence to early adulthood.

Created: 28 July 2010
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Tim Key exhibits a show that is anarchic, shambolic and entirely original.

Created: 18 January 2010
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As we speed through the bible at a motion sickness inducing pace, certain styles are employed to help cut through the fatty parts and get to the point.

Created: 29 November 2009
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This is simple and subtle theatre making and it works.

Created: 05 November 2009
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Horizons and Decline & Hall are presented as a double bill from New Zealand born playwright Roger Gimblett.

Created: 07 October 2009
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