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The Tell-Tale Heart
Sydney Festival

The Tell-Tale Heart is Kosky at his most minimal, drawing on the source material from his aesthetic confederate with just the right mixture of respect and rebellion - it just wouldn’t be Kosky without some kind of bodily fluid!

Created: 20 January 2009
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Director Maeliosa Stafford has done an excellent job with this production. The focus is on the characters, and the actors all turn in dynamic performances.

Created: 08 March 2008
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Clad in a loud peacock dress, pink tights and boots, Cho delivers her no-holds-barred material without flinching.

Created: 29 February 2008
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The narrative unfurls in real time, exploring the ways in which these “citizens of the night” pass the time until their shifts end. Sometimes they help each other, and sometimes they are downright awful to each other.

Created: 18 January 2008
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On face value, this story seems straight-forward, but the placement in the politically charged context of apartheid provides many subtexts and resonances

Created: 29 November 2007
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This is a beautiful and unusual work, with excellent performances by the five dancers and some wonderful visual art as well.

Created: 10 November 2007
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Blue Print is a new work by director/performer Deborah Pollard – an “artistic response” to the 2003 Canberra bush fires that burned her family home to the ground.

Created: 27 October 2007
Hits: 2492

All of the short works have been carefully programmed, and the resulting show is seamless and diverse.

Created: 18 October 2007
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Short Sweet + Dance is an excellent opportunity for emerging and established choreographers and dancers to showcase new and, in many cases, innovative work.

Created: 12 October 2007
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Deeply Offensive and Utterly Untrue is a performative inquiry into the transcript of the 2006 Cole Inquiry into the Oil for Food scandal.

Created: 25 August 2007
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