Darryl Emmerson

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Darryl Emmerson
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Roberto Fonseca

Playing to a capacity crowd at the Melbourne Recital Centre, pianist Roberto Fonseca quickly showed why he is one of the most highly regarded musicians of his generation.

Created: 12 March 2014
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The splendid Ballet Revolución, from Cuba, is back in town.

Created: 20 July 2013
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The entire program, balanced, varied and engrossing, was a further discovery for me of Hanson’s range and ambitions.

Created: 25 April 2013
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Hymne a l'amour

These two skilled, accomplished and committed artists gave a wonderful concert of art songs, on the fruitful theme of love.

Created: 07 April 2013
Hits: 1852

One of the best dance shows in years, Cuba’s Ballet Revolucion is a high-energy, wide-ranging and joyful display of both movement and music.

Created: 04 August 2011
Hits: 1449

What a great, simple and yet adventurous idea, to bring together and present a rich harvest of recent song writing.

Created: 27 July 2011
Hits: 1456

Gillian Cosgriff comes with a raft of favourable reviews, and you can see why.

Created: 25 July 2011
Hits: 1912

The show began very late, and runs a bit too long, but its good concepts and skilled performers make it worth a look.

Created: 12 April 2011
Hits: 1277

Uma is a friendly, attractive performer who recently migrated here and is looking around at the glaring cultural differences and quirky features of both countries.

Created: 10 April 2011
Hits: 2352

Coming to public notice through his playing of Keating, he has had his ups and downs (like all of us), and his latest solid gig seems to have been playing Vlad at Dracula’s Theatre Restaurant.

Created: 05 March 2011
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