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Sarah Doyle
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Bed | One Year Lease

As if with a microscope, the play poses a question plainly and with no vindication, what’s the worst thing you’ve done?

Created: 23 April 2007
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Following in the footsteps of many acclaimed American TV and film celebrities, Jim Henson’s furry little friends have taken their familiar charm to the stage.

Created: 25 March 2007
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Berlin-born Sydney-based Martin del Amo explores the notion of the unknown with both text and movement in his new work Never Been This Far Away From Home.’

Created: 12 March 2007
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Short & Sweet offers a good opportunity for theatre dramatists to have their work seen by the general public, to be validated as artists, to practice and grow in their craft.

Created: 27 February 2007
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Bubbling with bouncy banter including every ludicrous Aussie-vernacular-cliché under our collective sunburnt brow, The Glass Boat loosely themes itself on time-travel, Christmas and a mental institution.

Created: 07 February 2007
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‘Total theatre’ will only work if all elements are strong, and indeed Meryl Tankard’s direction, choreography and design in Kaidan: A Ghost Story brings an explosive fusion of art-forms.

Created: 24 January 2007