Bree Hadley

Member since: Monday, 29 January 2007
Bree Hadley
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It begins with a welcome to what is promised to be an almost non-stop flight, a night winging our way from port to port, timezone to timezone, seeing and hearing stories from around the world.

Created: 10 August 2008
Hits: 8356

In The Female of the Species, Murray-Smith turns her hand to farce

Created: 17 February 2008
Hits: 3587

Would you let a lover’s influence change your world?

Created: 26 July 2007
Hits: 4782

When a techno-savvy modern world no longer needs the special sort of magic a singing telegram brings, what is a girl to do?

Created: 02 June 2007
Hits: 4446

Dancer James Cunningham uses a combination of dance and data projection to draw the audience into a strange new perceptual space.

Created: 03 May 2007
Hits: 4233

The mundane reality of inner city Brisbane bleeds through into a world of greater mysteries, malign spirits, and the surveillance of the Moogi Man

Created: 17 March 2007
Hits: 3519

Absence(s) is a work that moves between worlds – physically, spatially and symbolically. We are taken, group by group, from the street outside the theatre to another space.

Created: 22 February 2007

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