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Selma Nadarajah
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Intertwining movement with live voice, installation, film and music, GroundUP! needs to be viewed in its entirety as a piece of performance art rather than just a contemporary indigenous dance production

Created: 19 August 2008
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The Seed, while alluding to the disastrous effects of war including chemical poisoning and psychological trauma, is more an insight into family relations and the way in which we impact each other.

Created: 22 February 2008
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Kate Mulvany
Sydney Interview

In 2007 Kate Mulvany won the Philip Parsons Young Playwright’s Award for her acclaimed work, The Seed. This year, under the guidance of Neil Armfield, The Seed returns as part of the Company B main season. Kate spoke to Australian Stage's Selma...

Created: 02 February 2008
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Inspired by Wim Wenders 1987 film, Wings of Desire, Alas revolves around the plight of Damiel, the angel who longs to join the world of the living, where mortals breathe, feel and touch

Created: 13 January 2008
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House of the Holy Afro
Sydney Festival

Comical yet sexy, kitsch but cool, chaotic and graceful, House of the Holy Afro turns its fingers up at any notions of romantic Africa.

Created: 13 January 2008
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It is really difficult to appreciate the significance of this definitive period in ballet history when we now see ballet being performed in such diverse and experimental interpretations.

Created: 12 November 2007
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True Stories is held together by a potent sense of energy, emotion and spirit which is communicated in not only the stories being told but in the fiercely passionate performances of the ensemble group.

Created: 05 August 2007
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Considering its potentially heavy subject matter, this ensemble play is also surprisingly amusing.

Created: 19 July 2007
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George Balanchine’s 1928 work, Apollo, seemed an appropriate way to open The Australian Ballet’s new production, New Romantics.

Created: 06 May 2007
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Taking a stab at Australian apathy and self-deprecation is Brendan Cowell’s bold new black comedy, Self-Esteem.

Created: 28 April 2007
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