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Jessica Thomson
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McLennan is such a radiant presence she barely needs the stage lights.

Created: 31 March 2008
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Like Lucy Guerin Inc's season of 'Love Me' earlier in the year, this showing of 'Aether' was a return season for Melbourne, however – as with all Guerin's works – it was well worth revisiting.

Created: 03 December 2007
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Sondheim musicals are known for testing even the most seasoned performers, so what a delight it was to experience such an excellent production of 'A Little Night Music' from VCA's Music Theatre students.

Created: 21 November 2007
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'Living Things' is a cleverly constructed, slightly surreal piece, where over the course of an hour unsuspecting puppets are snuffed out by various gruesome means one by one.

Created: 15 November 2007
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The chance to see this particular group of musicians was of particular interest, the quartet having been long-associated with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company

Created: 26 October 2007
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Jessica Thomson talks to Kristy Edmunds, Artistic Director of the Melbourne International Arts Festival, about this year's headline act Merce Cunningham: The Melbourne Residency

Created: 19 October 2007
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This is an intriguing work from dancer, countertenor and now dance maker, Shaun Parker.

Created: 15 October 2007
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Arj Barker

Californian comedian Arj Barker is practically an honorary Australian – a Melbourne Comedy Festival regular for the last decade, it seems he can't get enough of the place

Created: 03 October 2007
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Home | Stompin

There is so much to like about this sprawling, innovative 'performance installation' from Stompin

Created: 19 September 2007
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After 30 years at the helm, the couple have amassed a phenomenal body of work, and from this have compiled Ever After Ever as a farewell tribute especially for Melbourne

Created: 11 July 2007
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