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Matthew Clayfield
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Children's rhymes, when sung at just the right tempo, with just the right lilting, listless tone, have a tendency to become slightly unnerving

Created: 26 July 2007
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sacredCOW's The Quivering is an intelligent and, against all odds, often hilarious rumination on death and the act of dying.

Created: 17 July 2007
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This is a beautifully written piece, the language segueing marvellously from ferocity to lyricism with the occasional detour through middle-class twaddle thrown in for good measure.

Created: 05 July 2007
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Wild East is a play that doesn't quite know what it wants to be: a nuanced comedy about corporate culture, a chamber drama about personal betrayal, or a riotous, slapdash cartoon.

Created: 04 June 2007
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In more sense than one, Hélène Cixous’ The Perjured City Or, The Awakening of the Furies has history pulsing through its veins.

Created: 02 June 2007
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Alice, a former actor-turned-care worker, and Tom, who's still acting despite himself, are in a convenient but complacent relationship, not so much in love as in limbo.

Created: 28 May 2007
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Checklist for an Armed Robber remains an ambitious and compelling piece. Its shortcomings, while not negligible, are considerably fewer than its strengths.

Created: 21 May 2007
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Blessed with good humour, a magnificent score, and a leading lady to write home to mother about, the production never really displeases – even when it’s difficult to hear – and is, more often than not, almost helplessly endearing.

Created: 19 April 2007
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Played for progressively darker comic effect until the comedy is so black that it’s no longer funny, the guards are nasty pieces of work, lewd, vindictive and increasingly violent.

Created: 10 April 2007
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With its spectral bodies and sea of words, all floating about in the chiaroscuro of memory, Anna Tregloan's Black is a difficult work to categorise.

Created: 28 March 2007
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