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Lola MacMillan
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Blackbird, written by David Harrower and directed by Peter Evans, crashes on to the stage, full of tense energy and is a feat of acting brilliance from beginning to end.

Created: 20 July 2008
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John-Paul Hussey’s Love Monkey is a frenetic, creative, multi-media onslaught of free association and disparate exploits.

Created: 01 June 2008
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Girls on Boys, curated by Gulsen Ozer, is a thought provoking evening of 5 exciting new, solo dance works.

Created: 30 May 2008
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Mayhem Productions presents Miss Klara McMurray in Il Mio Amore, the amorous adventures of ‘a vixen on the run’ from the law, reality, the country and her persistent suitor/accompanist.

Created: 17 May 2008
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This is For You is a theatrical representation of the photographic work of Francesca Woodman. This piece opens a dialogue concerning the relative merits, or otherwise, of self-engrossed art and theatre.

Created: 11 May 2008
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With this very impressive show Frank Woodley further enhances his reputation as one of Australia’s leading comic talents.

Created: 22 March 2008
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The Malthouse Theatre presents Moving Target, a drawn-out, self indulgent exercise in over intellectualizing theatre games.

Created: 15 March 2008
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With its fluid blend of athletic prowess, delightfully gaudy costuming, Las Vegas style lighting, live percussion and a hefty serving of over played cheesy emotions, this show is a sure crowd pleaser.

Created: 17 February 2008
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The Mercy Seat, set in New York a few days after the 9/11 attacks, engages the audience to ask, when faced with tragedy have you ever wondered - what’s in it for me?

Created: 11 February 2008
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LaMama is presenting the return season of a Lemony S production, Apples and Ladders

Created: 07 December 2007
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