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Jack Teiwes
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There are a lot of clichés you could toss at Evie May – A Tivoli Story, but this show rises above them to deliver an entertaining and moving show that embraces its inherent melodrama and theatricality, and is all the better for it.

Created: 19 October 2018
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Perhaps the political stance of this production is either simpler or conversely more nuanced than is readily apparent to this reviewer, but frankly the messages felt mixed to the point of seeming garbled.

Created: 06 October 2018
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The uninspired use of decades-old staging unfortunately detracts from the excellent performances of the main leads, who would blow the roof off any production fortunate enough to feature them.

Created: 21 September 2018
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A fun little show for children and the young at heart who don’t mind taking themselves, and their beloved Harry Potter franchise, too seriously.

Created: 21 September 2018
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The action is driven by the madcap meddling of “The Maniac”, a role the incomparably oddball Amber McMahon seems born to play. Imagine a kind of brilliant trickster character who is a manic cross between the Joker, Sherlock Holmes and Bugs Bunny.

Created: 15 September 2018
Hits: 473

Juxtaposing stories both scriptural and personal, this is a unique and idiosyncratic history of Jewish women, by Jewish women.

Created: 12 September 2018
Hits: 2289

Thunder and lightning, blood and piss, laughs and screams, and the flash and clash of steel, this was an altogether new feast for the senses in its boldly theatrical use of this wonderful performance space.

Created: 11 September 2018
Hits: 1757

Highly energetic, frenetically so at times, and with the slapstick factor dialled up to eleven, The Comedy of Errors is possibly the most perfect play to showcase this extraordinary performance venue.

Created: 10 September 2018
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For the uninitiated, Jersey Boys will hopefully come as something of a revelation. For those already in the know, this returning production is everything you could hope for and more – an absolute corker of a musical.

Created: 08 September 2018
Hits: 1772

For those wishing to see an interesting intercultural take on Shakespeare’s classic, you could not possibly ask for a more engrossing venue to enjoy a collective theatrical experience than the Pop-up Globe.

Created: 08 September 2018
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