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Jack Teiwes
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The most ambitious one-hander you’re likely to see with one actor portraying over thirty characters, director Kate Champion has given this crowd-pleasing play something of a timely facelift.

Created: 16 October 2019
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Given what an immense and perpetual global franchise Cirque du Soleil has become, it must be quite a challenge to keep coming up with new themes while still attempting to conform to a vague unifying style that maintains the brand.

Created: 03 October 2019
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The Last Wife is one of the best shows I have seen this year, creating an outstanding work of theatre from one of the most compelling family dramas of western history.

Created: 06 September 2019
Hits: 410

Light on narrative but bursting at the seams with scintillating style, this quintessentially sexy show is an absolute corker, even if it is a production that's over twenty years old.

Created: 30 August 2019
Hits: 270

This unapologetically irreverent musical, more in the vein of a spoof or even a roast, ridicules the Corbys and the attending media alike, giving them all a blast from both barrels. Its approach to the topic might work as a series of revue sketches, but as a feature-length show it requires further...

Created: 04 August 2019
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A View From the Bridge is a masterclass in acting and direction, and a sensational revival of a powerful play from one of the greatest modern American playwrights.

Created: 03 August 2019
Hits: 469

Cyril Gély’s script is an engrossing choice of material for such fine actors to showcase their prowess, making for delicious gravy on top of an already delectable feast.

Created: 28 June 2019
Hits: 527

This show features a great cast in an unambitious production of a classic musical in an awful theatre.

Created: 14 June 2019
Hits: 633

Fast and ferocious, frequently profane and fleetingly profound, THRONES! The Musical Parody is a hilarious romp for both diehard GOT fans and casual viewers… if there even is such a thing!

Created: 08 June 2019
Hits: 583

Although this delightful show maintains a generally light, comedic tone throughout, it asks the potentially unsettling question: “What happens when you discover that you are not the hero of your own story?”

Created: 25 May 2019
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