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Kym Vercoe

Kym Vercoe is writer and performer of seven kilometres north-east, the latest work by award-winning Sydney company version 1.0. In the lead up to Opening Night, she spoke to Australian Stage's Brett...

Created: 25 September 2010
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This production currently performing at the ‘Darlo’ in Sydney, directed by Christopher Hurrell, is an adventurous production in several ways.

Created: 16 April 2010
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Dylan’s life and music it seems have been an exercise in integrating and moving on, a self evolving morphism.

Created: 11 April 2010
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El Circo

It’s billed as cabaret and burlesque but burlesque will suffice – different and fantastic.

Created: 29 March 2010
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Playing at the PACT Theatre, Erskineville, is a very funny comedy if you like your humour on the dark side.

Created: 25 March 2010
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The Buddy Holly Story seeks to use the events of Holly’s recording career and some personal anecdotes to provide the links with the songs.

Created: 15 April 2009
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This production presented for us by Opera Australia is certainly a very stylish one with the pinnacle being reached in the Ascot Gavotte’.

Created: 25 June 2008
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Altar Boyz

If you like your faith sweet and syrupy with your cup running over you’ll love the boy’s ‘Raise the Praise’ tour. It’s Billy Graham on soufflé, it’s redemption on tick.

Created: 15 June 2008
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‘Sex and the City’ opened in Sydney on Thursday. The film at Roadshow Cinemas and the stage version at Wharf 1 under the auspices of The STC.

Created: 06 June 2008
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‘her holiness’ is a confronting view of Roman Catholicism written from an interesting perspective. Actually it is written from several perspectives which neatly dovetail into a very entertaining and moving piece of drama.

Created: 02 June 2008
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