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Bigger Than Jesus
Sydney Festival

Miller is an impressive performer, whose control of his own voice and physicality allow him to seamlessly shift between characters as a chameleon does colours.

Created: 19 January 2011
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As anyone familiar with Legs on the Wall can tell you, their productions are far more than just theatrical performances.

Created: 15 January 2011
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Playing is probably the best way to describe this performance in that it captures both the mood and variety of presented forms.

Created: 28 September 2010
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From the darkness Rommy makes her demand: a doll, a book and a fuse in exchange for freedom.

Created: 23 July 2010
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Heavily informed by Brecht’s Epic Theatre and reeking of Post Modernism, Oedipus Loves You is a contemporary revisitation of the Oedipus myth.

Created: 24 January 2010
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Gabriela lives with her cat in the Californian desert. Her life is on hold while she waits for her husband, Benito, to return from war.

Created: 29 September 2009
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While Miriam and the Monkfish could easily be overlooked as a pastiche of celebrity chef culture it’s the satire in the writing, along with Kelly’s energetic performance, that carries the show beyond this.

Created: 14 June 2009
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I was lured into Griffin’s Stable Theatre to see the Australian premier of Dea Loher’s Tattoo by the promise of a Grimm Brothersesque dark fairy tale ... I got more than I bargained for.

Created: 11 March 2009
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Faith Healer is composed of four lengthy monologues, each juxtaposed on top of the other which provides the audience a filter through which they can find their own truth to a story which has many.

Created: 20 January 2009
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Amid towers of dirty plates and towering egos, grimy tiles and social unrest, dinner is prepared.

Created: 27 September 2008
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