Elisa Ghisalberti

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Elisa Ghisalberti
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There is a beautiful combination of skill and raw talent on stage. Commander can convey a character with simple props, such as the refilling of a whiskey glass, and gives us a glimpse into a younger version of herself, past lovers and friends.

Created: 13 January 2012
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This is her slickest show yet and Quinn combines a truly fantastic singing voice with witty lyrics

Created: 17 April 2009
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The La Mama stage is transformed to wonderful effect, with pine needles spread on the ground, covering important objects that will later be seen, and ladders creeping towards the sky.

Created: 02 August 2008
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Michael Dalley is fast becoming the “King of Melbourne Cabaret” and the return season of Intimate Apparel cements his reputation.

Created: 29 July 2008
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This is a wonderful achievement for Human Sacrifice Theatre and once again proves that it is the independent companies that keep the Melbourne theatre heartbeat pumping

Created: 14 July 2008