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Olympia Bowman-Derrick
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Potts directs an excellent bi-lingual production, sidestepping the pitfalls of a complete translation by including much of the original Spanish.

Created: 28 July 2012
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This is a wonderful adaptation of a modern literary classic, and one of the best productions I have seen by Opera Australia in the past few years.

Created: 01 December 2011
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Day One. A Hotel, Evening is a comedy of manners that uses wit and words to satirize, and comment on, middle-class middle-age infidelity.

Created: 20 November 2011
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Assembly is at once an exploration and a celebration of the possibilities of what can be achieved and created with collaboration, cooperation, and unity.

Created: 07 October 2011
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The Dollhouse

Schlusser’s production is bold and brash, his direction intelligent.

Created: 17 September 2011
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La sonnambula is a funny little opera which tells the story of Amina, a sleepwalker, who gets herself into all sorts of trouble by ending up in a stranger’s bed.

Created: 02 May 2010
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The Bear/Angélique is a light double-bill on the theme of love.

Created: 14 March 2010
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For its 21st season performing under the stars at the Botanical gardens, The Australian Shakespeare Company invites us to enter a world of magical mayhem.

Created: 15 January 2010
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In an old apartment lounge room, cluttered with memories, four generations and their stories are interwoven and entangled, creating a picture of a family in freefall.

Created: 23 October 2009
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Sasha Waltz’s choreographic opera, Medea, brings together the storytelling power of contemporary dance and classical music to tell a timeless tale of isolation, desperation, passion, and murder

Created: 10 October 2009
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