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Simonne Michelle-Wells
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Clever, fun, sometimes moving, and always bringing it, Bring It On is a hoot, and showcases of some of the best youth performances I’ve ever seen.

Created: 08 February 2018
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Yarn is a visceral experience, exceedingly raw and masterfully polished. It weaves two narratives, one ancient and the other achingly modern and familiar, around one other; around the stunning set and into your body, where they will likely sit for...

Created: 26 September 2013
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Misogyny has been a constant presence in the Australian social and political landscape of late. Savages, a new play by playwright Patricia Cornelius, positions itself square in the middle of this discourse.

Created: 20 August 2013
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Someone get this man a TV show. Gavin Baskerville has got a serious case of the smarts, a condition that only the best comedians suffer from.

Created: 13 April 2013
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Fraser has a lot to say and at times it feels that stand-up comedy is the wrong vehicle for her.

Created: 10 April 2013
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Gadsby is a master storyteller adept at weaving stories together with one clever tie-in joke. She’s the thinking woman’s comedian and her audiences love her for it.

Created: 08 April 2013
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I got to witness one of the strangest things I've seen on stage: a zombie boylesque performance by Jackerage that featured ballet, popping, stripping, pulling scabs off bare flesh with teeth and finally falling down dead at the end of the song.

Created: 28 October 2012
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The clever use of repetition in Weather lulls you into a summer-like trance that can be suddenly broken when the set erupts around the dancers, or when the dancers themselves change pace with such velocity you're catapulted into an entirely different mood.

Created: 19 October 2012
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In A Guide to UnhappinessLeunig combines his trademark Magosophy (magic and philosophy) with music, film and some heartfelt story-telling.

Created: 08 October 2012
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Rhonda is in Therapy should come with a warning: the subject matter is provocative and dark. It's impossible not to be moved by it. 

Created: 09 September 2012
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