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Brett Sheehy

Having heard Brett Sheehy speak at the patrons’ launch of the 2011 program, his fierce passion for the Melbourne Festival is absolutely captivating. Anna Lozynski speaks with Brett Sheehy in the lead up to the 2011 Festival.

Created: 20 July 2011
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Brett Sheehy

In 2010, Melbourne will again be presented with an exciting array of both home grown and international acts across multiple genres. Anna Lozynski spoke to Director of the Melbourne International Arts Festival Brett Sheehy to get the low down on his vision for this year’s “fiercely contemporary”...

Created: 17 September 2010
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Stephen Lynch

He is outrageous, loves to rhyme and cross the politically correct line. Before his debut, Anna Lozynski caught up with Stephen Lynch for The 3 Balloons Tour scoop and a continuing dose of his tongue in cheek.

Created: 08 July 2010
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Anna Lozynski spoke with the Australian Ballet’s current Artistic Director of 9 years, David McAllister AM, a man that epitomises all that is ballet, and continues fostering the future of Australian ballet in his own exceptional way.

Created: 02 July 2010
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Simon Gleeson

Anna Lozynski spoke with the multi-talented Simon Gleeson about his success in the West End and his latest role in the upcoming Starting Here, Starting Now.

Created: 14 June 2010
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Anna Lozynski interviewed actress Michele Williams who plays the lead in Harold Pinter’s play, A Kind of Alaska, soon to open in one of Melbourne’s newest venues, The Theatre Husk. 

Created: 09 June 2010
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He has received an Order of Australia for his contribution to music, an esteemed organist, the founder and director of the Australian Chamber Choir, and has played over 2000 concerts during his career. Anna Lozynski spoke with Douglas Lawrence about the Choir’s upcoming Miserere...

Created: 29 May 2010
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Hazel Bock

In the midst of a demanding rehearsal schedule, Anna Lozynski spoke to Hazel Bock - the newest addition to the Circuz Oz family - about her penchant for foot juggling and circus life in general. 

Created: 12 May 2010
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Holly Rollins

This autumn, a cast of 18 third year Bachelor of Circus Arts students perform Veritas. In the midst of the performance, Anna Lozynski spoke with deviser and director Holly Rollins about the work and her passion for teaching others to feel at home in the...

Created: 24 March 2010
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Anna Lozynski interviews internationally acclaimed choreographer, Vaibhavi Merchant about her colourful and culturally rich stage spectacular - The Merchants of Bollywood.

Created: 04 February 2010
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